Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Women of NCDD Profiles: Michele Tjader (Wisconsin)

She’ll probably kill me for saying this but Michele Tjader is like the Mr. T of OWI defense. Remember? “I pity the fool…”
I pity the prosecutor who has to go up against Michele. She’s a Spartan with a there’s-no-such-thing-as-defeat attitude.
If you’re charged with an intoxication-related offense in Wisconsin, you could do no better than to have Michele in your corner. Her insights into trial psychology are spot on.
From her website:
Michele is a graduate of UW-Green Bay and Marquette Law School. She has been practicing drunk driving defense since July of 1996. early in her career, she worked for two of the state's top drunk driving defense firms before starting her own practice.

One of the cases on which she worked resulted in the exclusion of all breath testing devices in the State of Wisconsin for approximately one year. This decision made front-page headlines in the Wisconsin State Journal and other local papers. Michele's appellate practice has resulted in several more published decisions, culminating in appearing before the Wisconsin Supreme Court in oral argument.
Michele has extensive experience in drunk driving litigation as well. Michele is known for her forceful and resourceful cross examination of police officers at trial.
Michele has been invited to teach in statewide seminars for other lawyers on the topic of drunk driving defense for the last five years. She has been interviewed by the London Times for an article on breath testing devices and has acted as a consultant for attorneys in the UK. Michele has also been contacted by firms to act as a expert witness in the area of breath testing devices.
Professional Associations and Memberships
Wisconsin Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Dane County Bar Association
Past President

National College of DUI Defense 

OWI Round Table

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