Sunday, February 26, 2012

Women of NCDD: Lori Crystal (Colorado)

Lori Crystal is an attorney in Castle Rock, Colorado, who I have never met but she comes HIGHLY recommended for my blog by DUI attorneys and experts that I respect.

A quick glance at her website and I can already tell we would be friends.  Any gal that writes "I'm blunt" in her About Me section is an ass-kicker I could hang out with.

Legal trouble in Colorado?  You might want to give Lori Crystal a call.

From her website:

Problem Solver
According to biographer Julie M. Fenster, Abe Lincoln, as a lawyer, was first and foremost a problem solver.

As a client, you want your legal problem solved quickly, efficiently, and with minimum long-term damage. As a problem-solving attorney, I utilize all the modern tools available to solve--maybe even prevent--your legal problem in the most efficient manner possible. Through accelerated, but thorough, investigation, negotiation, and (more and more often) mediation, I'll help you minimize the damage and assess the long-term, big picture. I know that long after the lawyer is through, the client lives the result of the solution.

Needs Assessor
There's a joke among doctors that the surgery was a success, but the patient died. A similar mindset is often observed in attorneys who are more interested in the theoretical analysis than in the practical implications. Much of what we, as attorneys, do is not rocket science, but is a minefield for the individual unfamiliar with the terrain and the ground rules. I distinguish the important issues from the academically interesting ones, and assess and fulfill your needs so that you can move forward with your life-without consuming your entire life savings to do it.

I represent individuals, not corporations, and I've been in practice for 19 years--15 of them in Castle Rock, Douglas County. I'm a Castle Rock resident and I focus my practice in Douglas County. My office is just a few blocks from the courthouse. This courthouse proximity benefits clients because I don't bill you for travel time, but more importantly, I have a good idea of what is realistic to expect and what is not from specific judges.

Who I Am
I'm blunt and some people are more comfortable with that than others. I work hard and that's the real secret to success in anything. I don't speak "lawyerease" and I don't try to impress you or the judge with how much I learned in law school. My belief is that we have a job to do--let's do it and help you move on.

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