Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Little Background...

Since my new blog is likely to rattle the cages of some people (who know who they are), I thought I would start with a little background.

I grew up in a family with a working mom. My mother was in sales and traveled during the week. It was not uncommon for her to leave on Monday and not return until Thursday or Friday. This might not seem particularly unusual in 2012 but in 1975 it was unheard of. Women did not travel for business back then or, if they did, their numbers were very small.

When you're a kid, whatever is going on in your family is the norm. It's not until you are older that you look back and see the unusual stuff. When I was in my late teens, my mom began to tell me stories about what life was like for the working woman traveling during the 70's and 80's. I heard about male co-workers (and sometimes bosses) who would "accidentally" forget to book 2 hotel rooms on business trips. When work would run late and she would stop to eat in the hotel restaurant, business men would think she must be a hooker and either follow her to her room or drop their hotel key on her table. The list of indignities was long.

I have been fortunate when it comes to sexism. College, law school, a stint at the Dallas DA's Office - never even saw a hint of it. The DA's Office was then (and is now) about 50/50 male - female. I left in 1994 and have operated my own law office ever since. The opportunities for discrimination against me because I'm a woman have been few. I have never in 18 years of trial practice felt that a judge that I was in front of was treating me with disdain due to my sex.

So why is a 43 year old female lawyer at the top of her game blogging about sexual discrimination against female lawyers?

That's easy. Sexism is alive and well - and THRIVING - in legal organizations. One in particular - which will be the focus of many of my future blog posts - is so blatant about it that it's practically comical.

I know a lot of female DWI/DUI trial lawyers from around the country that are ass-kickers in the courtroom. They're smart. They're capable. They're badasses.

They deserve better than what they have been receiving from the national DUI bar.

This blog is for you.


  1. Got yer back, Deandra. I have learned so much from my wife and two daughters about how blind I have been. I don't judge other men, because it took having two adult daughters for me to learn to open my eyes.

  2. I respect you as one of the most talented DUI lawyers on Earth. And, I commend you for starting this blog. Courageous. You are an amazing woman continuing the tradition of your mother. I'm in awe of you.