Sunday, February 12, 2012

Women of NCDD Profiles: Heidi Anderson (Colorado)

I’ve put the word out that I want attorneys and experts from around the country to submit the names of outstanding women DUI warriors. One of the top breath testing experts in North America recommended Heidi Anderson. He has worked with her on cases and told me she is an excellent DUI attorney. I have not (yet) met Heidi but when an expert I respect singles her out for praise, I pay attention.

Arrested for an intoxication-related offense in the Denver or Boulder area? You may want to give Heidi Anderson a call.

From her website:
Heidi Anderson started Reliance Legal to provide quality representation for people in need of an experienced attorney to guide them through the maze of a DUI case. Heidi has practiced law in the State of Colorado since 2000, with experience in DUI law, municipal law, elder law, contract law and administrative civil law.
Heidi's focus is now centered on DUI and DWAI law, with 99% of her clientele involved in these cases. She received her initial DUI representation experience while working for one of the most experienced and well-respected DUI attorneys in the Denver area. She's represented hundreds of DUI clients, including attending license revocation hearings before the Department of Motor Vehicles, conducting plea negotiations with district attorneys, and arguing discovery and suppression motions before the courts.
Heidi is uniquely trained in areas specific to DUI representation that many attorneys practicing DUI law are not. Specifically, she is certified to administer the Standard Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs) that many clients are given before being arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. She is certified to administer a breath test using the Intoxilyzer 5000 EN. This greatly benefits the client in that Heidi is particularly adept at cross-examining police officers to determine whether the SFSTs and breath tests were properly administered at the time of arrest. This industry-specific training also makes Heidi better able than other attorneys to judge whether a client has a good case for trial or a fighting chance at favorable plea negotiations with the district attorney.
Professional affiliations include:
Member of the Colorado Bar Association

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