Friday, April 20, 2012

Week 1 in The Gauntlet

Week 1 in my battle to bring equality of opportunity to the National College for DUI Defense has been interesting.  I have been essentially "trashed" on their list serve this week which is curious because the rules for posting are very strict.  If you post a notice about a DUI-related seminar that NCDD is not making money off of you are sure to be severely reprimanded.  However, if you disparage my character it appears to be perfectly ok.

I am fascinated by the psychology behind a group of (mostly) men that fight against the government and defend the Constitution every day yet will belong to an organization where they have NO SAY in how it is governed, NO SAY in anything the organization does and which blatantly discriminates against certain groups of people - most notably women.

It's really a sad situation.  They've been beating up on me for days.  I assume that they are expecting the girl to cry and run home to mommy.  

They are apparently unfamiliar with Texas Women.    

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